AgriBio’s Activities

Agri.Bio’s Activities:

Agri.Bio.Piemonte O.N.L.U.S is an association with more than 1000 members working in the field of organic and biodynamic farming since May 1991. The work of the association is based on five points: technical assistance, professional training, trade, certification and publishing.

 The following are our main activities:

  • Technical assistance in organic and biodynamic agriculture to the farmers.
  • Professional training specialised in organic and biodynamic agriculture, biodiversities, Anthroposophy, and seeds regeneration.

Agri.Bio is an informative association, legally recognised, which organises high professional practical and theoretical courses about organic and biodynamic agriculture in Italy, Europe and abroad. We have the best specialised teachers in the industry. Please ask for the courses program and about the organisation at:

  • Diffusion of news from the Italian organic and biodynamic agriculture through our website (visit our English section) and our monthly newsletter AgriBioNotizie.
  • Sale of organic and biodynamic products including seeds, biodynamic preparations, humus, technical equipment, crystals, and groceries through our e-commerce website .
  • Publishing books, CDs and videos through “Agri.Bio Edizioni”.
  • Production and sale of all biodynamic preparations.
  • AGRIBIODINAMICA certification.
  • Organisation and exhibition at fairs, events and workshops on national territory and abroad in order to promote organic and biodynamic agriculture

Given that  herbs for biodynamic preparations (yarrow, chamomile, horsetail, nettle, oak, dandelion and valerian) are healing plants for the ground, we thought to use it like a healing plants of our personal soil (physical body).  We have created 18 biodynamic syrups which can be mixed with water and drunk as a refreshing drink or a herbal tea.  They are really concentrated and the following syrups are the available ones: Yarrow, Aloe, Marigold, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Horsetail, Gems of woodland pine, Scented geranium, Mallow, Nettle, Oak, Rosehip and Blueberries, Rosemary, Sage, Dandelion, Valerian, Ginger.  
If you would like to have more information, please, follow this link:

Agri.Bio produces and distributes every biodynamic preparation all over the world and even each product in order to produce them.
The following preparations are the main ones:
• Horn Manure 500 – 500K – 501 (502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508, 509, 510, 511, 512, 513, 514, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519, 520, 521, 522, 523, 524)
• Set of biodynamic compost preparation (502+503+504+505+506+507)
• Fladen – Trunk Paste – organic and biodynamic Humus
• All  Hugo Erbe preparations (TKP, Bath for Seeds, Bath for cereal Seeds, preparation of calcium, preparation of milk and honey, preparation of bread and wine)
• All the equipment for biodynamic preparations
• Manual copper dynamizer and mechanical dynamizer hiring
• Box for preparations and cloths for biodynamic compost
• Peppering – biodynamic deterrent
For the detail of our List of biodynamic preparation, please, follow this link:

The AgriBioDinamica Certification is a checking about the quality of the product but also an action in order to help and support farmers who decide to create high-quality products in compliance with the environmental cycle, offering the consumer an excellent product, paying attention to every single stage of production, processing and marketing. It will be an absolute novelty compared to the current certification. It will be an absolute novelty in front of the current state of poverty and sadness of the actual certification that too often rewards the bureaucracy at the expense of quality.

For more information, follow this link:
Agri.Bio.Piemonte sells more than 800 garden/horticultural seeds, in little hobby bags and professional bags; cereals for sowing, potatoes, garlic and onions, green manure and horticultural plants.
If you would like to have more informations, and see our english catalogue, please, follow this link:


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